BEC Webbased

Isara Software is proud to present our lastest work, Building Energy Code Web-based (BEC-Webbased), a web application that evaluates energy conservation values in buildings.

In accordance with the Ministerial Regulation B.E. 2552, new buildings or retrofitted buildings being constructed which have the total area of all stories equal to 2000 square-meters or more must be designed under the energy conservation requirements stated. Developed under supervision of Coordination Center for Energy Conservation Building Design and Ministry of Energy, BEC-Webbased will be used in a near future as Thailand standard energy consumption evaluation tool.

The program is now complete and being distributed, promoted, trained and being used and evaluated by selected professionals.
We are very proud of our work and hope to see it being used widespreadly very soon! 

If you have been trained by Coordination Center for Energy Conservation Building Design and have a login, you can try it out at
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