About Us

We are a team of software engineers and creatives with international experience in various fields. We are passionate in making creative, innovative and user-friendly software products and we would like to share this passion with you! Not only software development solution,  we also provide consulting and training services as well.


Your requirements and preferences may change, so does your software. We adopt agile techniques to conduct precise and fast project planning with short and adaptive development cycles.


Mobile & Game

Our main focus is mobile apps and games development -- both iOS and Android. Nonetheless, we have strong experience in server-side devlopment as well.


User Experience

Not just the functionalities, we believe that a software system must be intuitive, easy and beauty. Thus, we put efforts not only to deliver our tasks, but to delivery them beautifully.


On Goal

While we embraces changes (both in requirements and situation at hand), we do not miss our deadlines.